How to Write a High-Quality Synthesis Essay Step by Step

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Don’t know what a synthesis paper is? Learn how to write a synthesis paper easily with the help of this comprehensive guide.

What Is A Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is described as a written discussion that is drawn from more than one source. It greatly relies on a student’s ability to identify relations among different sources of information and presenting them in an essay format. This idea is not a new concept as you formulate relations every day even without knowing it. For example, when you compare something you had seen to an article you read in the newspaper.

If you have written a research paper, you have already written a synthesis essay without even knowing, i.e., you made explicit relations between different sources of information. The main purpose of writing a synthesis essay is to develop your skills as a writer and to be able to infer certain similarities and differences within the different source of information. Your teachers often provide these sources, and that is why so many students find it difficult to write a synthesis paper.

Put, a synthesis paper is any type o writing that allows a student to take a stand on a given perspective supported by two or more related sources of information. You can achieve this through:

  • synthesizing the various sources of information provided
  • coming up with a thesis statement
  • identifying the various relationships that these sources share
  • writing the paper based on these relations

Writing Your Synthesis Essay

When learning how to write a synthesis essay, you will notice that you will be required to possess the ability to read and understand the provided sources of information and present the relations they share. It is normal to think that by just summarizing the two or more sources of information will be enough to write the synthesis paper. However, this is a common trap that most students fall into rather than making their point and providing supporting pieces of information from the sources.

Most sources will have both contradicting and relatable content that you will have to identify and carefully fit them to support the theme of your essay. Also, the synthesis has to be well-organized so that your teacher can clearly understand your take on the sources and follow through with information you have presented, your supporting points and some examples. You should not just sum up the sources; rather, you should make your inference from the provided sources.

As you progress with writing even more synthesis paper, you should always remember to avoid any vague claims about the provided sources and ensure that the reader can trace back each supporting piece of information to the source. This is an important trait that most students overlook, which causes them to lose out on some points. The reader should be fully convinced that you used the sources, and the relations that you have presented are truthful.