An Easier Way to Come Up with a Thesis Statement for your Assignment

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Do you have problems developing your thesis statements? This article will help you learn the best way of writing any thesis statements you need.

What Exactly Is A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a phrase at the end of your introduction that expresses to the reader the main theme of the essay, research, or term paper. The thesis statement makes a claim that directly answers the question posed by the title of your assignment. Every writing assignment you are asked to deliver should have a main theme, central message or idea. As such, all the argument(s) you present within each of your assignments should reflect this central theme. The thesis statement is the phrase that captures your position on this central idea.

Even if you do not know it yet, when reading through any paper you unconsciously look for a few sentences to provide you with a brief explanation of what the paper is all about. “How long should a thesis statement be?” you ask. As previously explained, it is a statement that emphasizes the theme of your paper into one / two sentences. The thesis statement should encompass the title of your writing assignment, all while making your standpoint clear about the paper topic.

The thesis statement is supposed to inform the reader exactly what your paper is all about (the main theme) and also maintain your focus on the paper topic. That is primarily why it is presented as part of the introduction, early enough to inform the reader of what you intend to write about thus giving your reader a sense of what to expect. Here are a few more reasons why you need a thesis statement in your papers:

  • To develop and better organize the arguments within your essay
  • Offer a brief guide into the content of the paper
  • Introduce the reader to the main argument of the essay

How to Write A High-Quality Thesis Statement for any Academic Paper

As you develop your thesis statement, it is important to test it using different questions to ascertain, it meets all the requirements of the assignment or if there’s room for improvement. Therefore, on the question of how to write a thesis statement, here’s how you can go about the process:

  • Is the thesis statement specific or too generalized?
  • Does the thesis statement completely represent my standpoint on the topic?
  • Is the thesis statement authentic and not generic?
  • Does the thesis statement answer the question that your paper aims to explain?

By getting all the answers to the four questions above you will have formed a thesis statement that not only meets your teacher’s requirements but also addresses all the major points within your essay in a simple yet informative way. Following the tips and guidelines provided should help you develop a convincing thesis statement and, as you continue practicing you will become an even better writer as you will have learned even more tips and tricks to writing your thesis statement.