The Easiest Way to Cite a Dissertation APA

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Have you completed your dissertation and are wondering how to cite using APA? This is an informative guide on how to cite using APA writing style.

APA Citation and References for Dissertation

A dissertation is a complex writing assignment that will require you to carry out in-depth research into various topics, from different sources of information, both online and offline. Your dissertation is the last assignment that you will be required to pass to earn an advanced degree at select learning institutions worldwide. Therefore, when asked to cite all external sources of information following the rules of a certain style of writing, you better do just that.

Citations are pieces of information that are added to the body (in-text citations) of a research paper such as a dissertation to identify the pieces of information that are not the paper writers creation and give credit to their respective authors. Citations are written with a corresponding reference list entry with more information about the source of information.

Therefore, for any research-oriented assignment, you are asked to deliver, you should provide correct and up to date citations by the predetermined style of writing. There are different styles of writing, each with its distinct formatting and writing standards such as Chicago, Harvard, Bluebook, MLA, and APA. However, in most cases for your dissertation, you will be required to use the APA style of writing to format your citations and reference lists. Therefore, what do you need to APA cite a dissertation?

Collecting Information for your APA Dissertation Citation

As previously identified, any research-based assignment will encompass sections with external sources of information that you will need to cite and reference accordingly. Sometimes you may be required to cite a dissertation. This is usually a continuous process that starts from the time you start writing to ensure no citation is left out. A good rule of thumb is to update your reference list as you add more and more external sources of information.

This is a list of all the information you should collect from the dissertation for use when citing your dissertation in APA:

  • The authors’ full names
  • The title of the dissertation.
  • The date of publication
  • The level of the dissertation
  • institution
  • Location

All the above pieces of information come together to form the in-text citation and reference list for any research paper that is written in APA writing style. This is the format for the in-text citation and reference entry:

(Author, Year)

Author. (Year it was written). Dissertation/ Thesis. Institution of learning, Location it was written.

As you can see, once you have collected all the information, it is easy to place it within the structure provided above, and you will have your in-text citation and corresponding reference. It is a skill that will prove to be useful, especially as you progress with your education and have to tackle even more complex writing assignments. You will notice that as you progress with writing more and more citations, it becomes easier.